Online or In-Person

Is your team remote, hybrid, or in-person?

We can customize a workshop to meet the needs of your team, wherever they are.

Corporate Workshops

Padraic will guide your team through workshops to increase productivity, relieve stress, build team cohesion, and more.

Seminar Workshops

Padraic will come to your event and work with your guests to teach them valuable skills that align your theme with his message.

Retreat Workshops

Padraic will come to your retreat to work with your guests on Breathwork, Meditation, Self-Healing, Human Energy Optimization, Singing Sound Bowl Therapy, and more.

University Workshops

Padraic can teach your class, club, or campus a litany of invaluable life skills needed for the road ahead.

Breathwork Workshops

Learn how to use breathwork as your number one tool to relieve stress, enhance consciousness, and optimize human energy to become happier, healthier, and live longer.

Meditation Workshops

Learn how to meditate as a life skill.

Find peace, optimization, and breakthrough.

Enhance creativity, intuition, and productivity.

Repair brain, revitalize mind, and expand consciousness.

Mindset Workshops

Mindset is everything.

Padraic will teach your guests new ways to leverage mindset as the x-factor to personal growth and radical life improvement.

Stress Relief Workshops

Padraic will teach your guests new impactful ways to relieve stress and quickly optimize wellbeing to find peace amidst overwhelm.

Schedule a Consultation

Discuss details of your event, plan the event, and negotiate rates.

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