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Optimiz3 - 3-Month Coaching Program

REVITALIZE - 8-Week Challenge

Find Your Purpose - 4-Week Workshop

Text-a-Coach - 2-Week Program

Single-Session Coaching


Just looking to text a coach for advice?

Not looking for the fully immersive coaching program but still looking for guidance?

Sign up for our Text-a-Coach program for direct access to a Mindset Coach for two weeks.

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Single-Session Coaching

Work through a life situation

Seek advice

Find peace, inspiration, and solutions

Find clarity, renewed hope, and a revitalized mindset

Receive guidance to navigate life difficulties

One-on-One Mindset Coaching

Single-Session Mindset Coaching

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Find Your Purpose

Four-Week Program

One-on-One Workshop

Find Your Life Purpose

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REVITALIZE 8-Week Challenge

A meditation class, breathwork course, mindset coaching, stress relieving workshops, and more, all packed into one program!

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Alchemize overwhelming stress

Catalyze life improvement

Boost mind power

Enhance consciousness

Learn how to meditate

Learn revolutionary new breathwork techniques

Become more creative

Become more productive

Become happier, healthier, and more at peace

Revitalize your life experience!

TrilataMind Meditation Class and TrilataMind Coaching Program in one 8-Week Challenge!

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8-Fold Path to Life Improvement

Although the Dharma Wheel is of a Buddhist perspective, our 8-Fold Path is completely different and not a representation of any religious or spiritual belief.

Our 8-Fold Path to Life Improvement is backed by science and is universal to all human beings. It is effective for any human despite any differences between us, including spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof. Everyone is strongly encouraged to come as you are and find a solution to overcome difficulties in your life. All are welcome.

Our 8-Fold Path to Life Improvement will meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

What is The Portal?

The portal is for coaching clients and meditation class enrollees.

The portal is where you will log in for coaching sessions or meditation class, gain access to customized plans, view personalized strategies, view recommended action items for the week, view personalized advice, seek guidance, ask questions, update progress, view motivational tips from your coach or instructor, access exclusive courses or class material, and much more.

It is free to create an account in the portal, but a personalized plan will not populate until you purchase a coaching program or meditation class.

Your New Life Awaits

We will teach you how to create a new life, guide you in the build, and offer support at each step.

Personalized Plans

Receive personalized growth plans, strategies, and action items to create your own path forward and live your best life.

Catalyze Life Change

We are ready to help you launch into new echelons of life improvement, growth, and happier-than-ever.

The Missing Piece

A common factor in all high performers is a personal coaching program.

Iron sharpens iron to create a spark that ignites radical change.

Join me.

I will help you achieve your life's goals and dreams.

You can do everything you envisioned for your life, and I'll guide you to making it happen.

Is Today the Day?

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Evolv3 by TrilataMind App - Available Now!

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Evolv3 by TrilataMind App - Available Now!

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