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Padraic (Pay-drik) Gray is a highly sought Public Speaker, Mindset Coach, Meditation Instructor, Self-Healing Impactivist, Energy Alchemist, Modern Philosopher, and Author. 

He is the Founder of The TrilataMind Collective LLC, author of TrilataMind Alchemy, and the creator of TrilataMind Meditation and TrilataMind Sunfire Breathwork. 

Padraic coined the terms TrilataMind, TrilataField, TrilataMind Sunfire Breathwork (TSB), TrilataMind Meditation, The Yet, Infraconsciousness, and Omniconsciousness. 

Padraic is also the Founder and CEO of Meditate&Zen, LLC, the Founder and Developer of the Evolv3 app, and Writer at the Breath3 Blog. 

He teaches meditation classes in person, online, and through the Evolv3 app.  He leads workshops and group meditations to live and online communities. 

Padraic is a public speaker at universities, corporate events, seminars, and various stages aligning with global initiatives of enhancing consciousness, self-healing, mental health awareness, holistic living, evolution, benefits of meditation and breathwork, hope, neuroplasticity, optimizing wellbeing, finding purpose, and achieving dreams.     

Padraic helps those suffering, stuck, or stagnant to self-heal, optimize, and radically improve their lives, wellbeing, and consciousness.  He is dedicated to catalyzing life transformation that empowers betterment in all aspects of life to achieve dreams, life goals, and actualize the potential that burns within to create a life experience of meaningful purpose.  

Padraic has been referred to by many as a healer and lightworker.  He lives his life in dedication to the healing, evolution, and enlightenment of humanity.

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Padraic Gray

Mindset Coach | Meditation Instructor | Speaker | Author

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TrilataMind Alchemy - Available Now!

Evolv3 by TrilataMind App - Available Now!

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