TrilataMind Meditation

The Modern Culmination of Ancient Meditation

The revolutionary new meditation process to optimize human energy.

Learn the life-changing skill of meditation.

TrilataMind Meditation

Meditation Classes

Learn how to meditate as a personal life skill:

One-on-One Meditation Classes

Online Meditation Classes

In-Person Meditation Classes

Couples Meditation Classes

Group Meditation Classes

Corporate Team Meditation Classes

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Meditation Downloads

Guided Meditations

Available for Instant Download!

Learn new breathwork techniques to calm anxiety, reverse depression, and ease emotional suffering.

Digital Download Meditations

Instant Access

Meditation Enlightenment

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Meditation Workshops

Padraic Gray will facilitate workshops, engage your team, and teach them each how to meditate as a skill.

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Meditation App

The Evolv3 App is our primary mode of digital meditation enlightenment. Learn new breathwork techniques, learn about the TrilataMind, and Evolv3.

You'll find guided meditations, audio courses, meditation trackers, and much more!

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Meditation Book

The new bestselling book by Padraic Gray

Order it today

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REVITALIZE 8-Week Challenge

A meditation class, breathwork course, mindset coaching, stress relieving techniques, and more, all packed into one program!

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Alchemize overwhelming stress

Become happier, healthier, and more at peace

Boost mind power

Enhance consciousness

Learn how to meditate

Learn new frameworks for empowering thought

Learn revolutionary new breathwork techniques

Become more creative

Become more productive

Catalyze betterment

Revitalize your life!

TrilataMind Meditation Class and TrilataMind Coaching Program in one 8-Week Challenge!

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Meditation Modalities Utilized

Mindfulness Meditation
Zen Meditation
TrilataMind Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Ancient Sound Meditation
Buddhist Meditation
Taoist Meditation
Christian Meditation
Hindu Meditation
Wilderness Meditation
Field Meditation
Yoga Nidra Meditation

Optimize Human Energy

TrilataMind Meditation is a holistic approach to optimizing human energy, channeling it for our evolutionary advancement, and enhancing consciousness to effectively operate the increased usable power.

TrilataMind Meditation is a meditative process that teaches meditation as a life skill. Once you learn the process, you will be able to meditate anytime, anywhere. Guided meditations will be a supplemental dynamic to your mediation practice, not a relied-upon tool. All you will need for a transformative meditation experience is your mind and your breath.

TrilataMind Meditation offers consistent, impactful, and repeatable results; making it a popular go-to meditation choice in the modern world.

Meditative Sounds

Check out our sister company Meditate&Zen for crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, and meditation chimes.

Meditation Mats

Check out Meditate&Zen for meditation mats that offer comfort and spine support to facilitate extended meditations.

Meditation Summit

Atelier of Consciousness

September 2023

Details Coming Soon!

TrilataMind Meditation

The Modern Culmination of Ancient Meditation

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