We offer life-changing modalities of Breathwork, Meditation, and Mindset Coaching to heal the mind, repair the brain, optimize human energy, and expand consciousness.

The TrilataMind Collective

TrilataMind Alchemy

TrilataMind Breathwork

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TrilataMind Alchemy

The new bestselling book written by our founder, Padraic Gray.

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TrilataMind Sunfire Breathwork

The revolutionary new breathwork technique that is a game-changer for most people.

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TrilataMind Meditation

Modern Culmination of Ancient Meditation.

Gear up for action.

Downshift to peace.

Transcend to expand consciousness.

Versatile, highly effective, and universal to all human beings.

TrilataMind Meditation

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TrilataMind Coaching

Revolutionary mindset coaching that gets results

The Optimiz3 Coaching Program

REVITALIZE - 8-Week Challenge

Find Your Purpose - 4-Week Workshop

Text-a-Coach - 2-Week Program

Single-Session Coaching

TrilataMind 8-Fold Path to Life Improvement

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Evolv3 by TrilataMind App

The new app for life improvement

Audio Courses

Weekly Meditations

Goal Trackers

Breathwork Courses

... and more!

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REVITALIZE 8-Week Challenge

A meditation class, breathwork course, mindset coaching, stress relieving techniques, and more, all packed into one program!

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Alchemize overwhelming stress

Become happier, healthier, and more at peace

Boost mind power

Enhance consciousness

Learn how to meditate

Learn new frameworks for empowering thought

Learn revolutionary new breathwork techniques

Become more creative

Become more productive

Catalyze betterment

Revitalize your life!

TrilataMind Meditation Class and TrilataMind Coaching Program in one 8-Week Challenge!

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Need a Speaker?

Schedule a consultation with Padraic Gray to speak at your event.

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Seeking a workshop facilitator for your remote, hybrid, or in-person team?

Schedule a consultation with Padraic Gray to make it happen.

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What is The Portal?

The portal is for coaching clients and meditation class enrollees.

The portal is where you will log in for coaching sessions or meditation class, gain access to customized plans, view personalized strategies, view recommended action items for the week, seek guidance, ask questions, update progress, view motivational tips from your coach or instructor, access exclusive courses or class material, and much more.

It is free to create an account in the portal, but a personalized plan will not populate until you purchase a coaching program or meditation class.

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What is the TrilataMind?

You have three minds.

What's with the Triskelion?

The Triskelion is known as one of the oldest symbols, thought to be the first symbol drawn by human beings, and found in caves of ancient Celts. 

Nobody knows of the beliefs of pre-literate humans that first drew the Triskelion. Therefore, many vastly different belief systems have adopted it as their own.  

We have as well.  We fittingly adopt it as a symbol of three connected minds operating in one system.

We illustrate the Triskelion in the core of our logo to align with its meaning of balance in mind, body, and soul as the core of our practice.  

The TrilataMind Meditation logo depicts an ancient portrayal of the Triskelion as a meditator.  We illustrate three bodies of mind as one with three separate paths inward as the foundation of meditation. 

The TrilataMind Sunfire Breathwork logo has an expression of the Triskelion artfully fused into the Breathe symbol within the sunfire.

The TrilataMind Coaching logo has the Triskelion in the middle of a customized Dharma Wheel. This is to represent our 8-Fold Path to Life Improvement, the framework of our mindset coaching program, and keeping the TrilataMind at the center of it all.

Anywhere we utilize the Triskelion in our artwork, it is meaningful. 

Evolv3 by TrilataMind App - Available Now!

TrilataMind Alchemy - Available Today!

Evolv3 by TrilataMind App - Available Now!

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